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We Bring Joy to The Party.

Start Your Party The Right Way...

When it comes to hosting an event, whether it's a lively wedding reception, a joyous birthday celebration, or a festive corporate gathering, setting the mood from the very beginning is crucial. And what better way to kick things off than with the enchanting melodies of a Mariachi Mexican band?

As soon as those vibrant trumpet notes and rhythmic strums of guitars fill the air, you can be sure that an atmosphere of pure joy and celebration will surround your guests. The infectious energy of these talented musicians is enough to make even the most reserved individuals tap their feet and join in on the fun. So, if you're looking to create an unforgettable experience that will transport your guests straight into the heart of Mexico's rich cultural heritage, hiring a Mariachi band is undoubtedly the perfect choice.


Why pick us?

Our Promise and Goal is to leave our clients with 100% satisfaction and a boost of adrenaline after an impressive gig. 

We are completing this goal every time and our previous clients can speak for themselves with our testimonials below.

What People Say about us...

Pilar Estevez, Devon

“The performance was amazing. Mariachi's arrived on time and everyone at our wedding really enjoyed all the songs."

Alexi Taylor, Somerset

"Simply amazing. Booked as a surprise for my now wife. She was in tears of happiness and the whole wedding party loved every moment on their set. Thank you so much Mariachi Rey, you made the wedding an absolute hit!."

Sue Newman, Sevenoaks

“They were brilliant! They were smiley, friendly people who played fun music. It made everyone to dance. They looked the part too. Would highly recommend.”

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What Song's Do We Play?

We really do have a mixture of the greatest hit's around the world. Starting of with the main tunes we play:


"Mambo No. 5"

"Don't You Want Me Baby"

"La Bamba"

"A Little Respect"

"I Can't Take My Eyes Of You"

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Our previous Clientele

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